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July 2018

Since 2009, our newsletter spreads the typographic updates from TypeTogether. We believe this timeline will give you a nice tour through some of the events that we considered to be noteworthy at some point… many of them still are Enjoy!



October 2019 : Greek type anatomy, an article by Irene Vlachou
September 2019 : Laima, by Bogidar Mascareñas, a stencil delight, is released
July 2019 : 35% summer discount & free font licenses
June 2019 : Display font Catalpa released
May 2019 : Unthrottled update: Ebony font family
April 2019 : LFT Etica Mono: an outsized monospaced font
March 2019 : Blackletter love
February 2019 : Soleil is back in black
January 2019 : Gerard Unger Scholarship is announced


December 2018 :  We share our plans for 2019
November 2018 :
Adelle Sans Thai,  designed by Anuthin Wongsunkakon & Smich Smanloh, is launched
October 2018
: The release of Adelle Sans Devanagari is announced
September 2018
Temeraire, designed by Quentin Schmerber, is released
July 2018
 : Arlette, designed by Pilar Cano and Ferran Milan is released
June 2018 : Xavier Dupré’s Molto slab serif family is released
May 2018 : Protipo, our first variable font, has its own website
April 2018 : We publish a specimen devoted to book typography
March 2018 : We present the new custom fonts that anchor Norway’s NRK TV & web
February 2018 : The new upgrade to Noort includes a display style and an icon font
January 2018 : Meet Protipo: a new family for data


December 2017 : Adelle Sans Arabic, by Azza Alameddine is released
November 2017: All about Twinkl Cursive, a custom font for children’s educational materials
October 2017: Nomadic offices photo gallery. Working on the road
September 2017 : Meet Noam Text, a Hebrew and Latin typeface
July 2017 : Live from Typographics New York, it’s Roxane Gataud!
June 2017: New release: Teo Tuominen’s Walter type family
May 2017 : Book release: How to Create Typefaces
April 2017 : TypeTogether proudly announces Athelas Arabic by Sahar Afshar
March 2017 : LFT Iro Sans is released
February 2017 : An interview with Louisa Fröhlich, the author of Lisbeth
January 2017 : A nice read about typefaces for small print


December 2016 : We announce the release of Dr Gerard Unger’s Sanserata
November 2016 : Meet Garalda, a gorgeous book typeface
October 2016 : Fino released: Ermin Međedović’s dramatic, contemporary family
September 2016 : Portada: a news serif type family for user interfaces
July 2016 : Special report: 10 years of TypeTogether
June 2016 : The town is finally big enough for LFT Etica Sheriff
May 2016 : Quentin Schmerber wins the third Typeface Publishing Incentive Program
April 2016 : The Novel Dual-script AwanZaman is released
March 2016 : The pan-European extension to Sirba is available
February 2016 : Roxane Gataud interviewed in Alphabettes.org 
January 2016 : We design a custom font for Puerto Rico’s government-owned TV


November 2015 : The release of Adelle Sans Armenian is announced
October 2015 : Eskapade Fraktur Black & Black Italic by Alisa Nowak
September 2015 : We put Adelle Sans on a diet!
July 2015 : The mind-bending Soleil Magic Caps
June 2015 : Qlikview Sans: Tailored font for data visualisation
May 2015 : Workshop: 5 friends, 4 days, 1 font
April 2015 : Type in use: Karmina in “The Salt of the Earth” 
March 2015 : We release Marco, designed by Toshi Omagari
February 2015 : Karmina Cyrillic, a commissioned addition to one of our favorite fonts
January 2015 : New release: Ebony, by José Scaglione and Veronika Burian


December 2014 : Hot off the press: 2014 Font Catalogue
November 2014 : Tailored newspaper font for Clarín 
October 2014 : Typography Made to Fit, a primer about tailored type
July 2014 : Bree Serif wins Gold at ED Awards 
May 2014: We announce our latest release, Lipa Agate
April 2014 : Greek & Cyrillic for Adelle Sans as well!
March 2014 : Adelle now supports Greek & Cyrillic 
February 2014 : Alverata, a contemporary type family with roots in early Europe


December 2013 : Planing for 2014
November 2013: A new classic for eBooks now supports Greek & Cyrillic!
October 2013 : José Scaglione, new president of ATypI
September 2013 : Tailored font for Almería newspaper
July 2013 : Type conference websites prefer our fonts
June 2013 : New release: Bree Serif, an energetic slab serif
May 2013 : Featured profile: Gerard Unger
March 2013 : Our largest family now has 84 styles
January 2013 : Soleil wins silver Binder Award


December 2012 : Maiola adds support for polytonic Greek
October 2012 : Featured profile: Tom Grace
September 2012 : Iskra, an amazing new design by Tom Grace
July 2012: We create a stencil version of Bodoni for Levi’s
June 2012: Mark Porter selects Gerard Unger's Coranto 2 for De Tijd. 
May 2012 : Abril wins Gold at ED Awards
April 2012 : Adelle Sans is released
March 2012 : Tablet Gpthic is released
February 2012: Abril is used for the Dutch Women's magazines "Margriet"
January 2012 : Soleil featured in the book Futura. Une gloire typographique


December 2011 : iBook now includes Athelas
November 2011 : Austrian designer Wolfgang Homola publishes his Soleil
October 2011 : Ellen Lupton includes Adelle in the exhibition Graphic Design: Now in Production.
September 2011 : Abril, a newspaper font family, is released.
August 2011 : Meet Crete Round
June 2011 : We release Capitolium News 2, by Gerard Unger
May 2011 : New weight for Veronika Burian's Maiola
March 2011 : A tailored version of Bree for the new Peru brand
February 2011 : New and improved version of the famous Coranto family


December 2010 : Collectables for type nerds
November 2010 : Limited edition of Sirba catalogs
October 2010 : Veronika Burian on Typeradio
September 2010 : Maiola: Veronika Burian’s multi-award winning family
July 2010 : Ronnia in use in Correio Braziliense
June 2010 : Adelle wins gold at ED-Awards 2010
May 2010 : New release: Sirba, perfect for complex text environments
March 2010 : Oxford University Press uses Karmina and Karmina Sans
February 2010 : Type design workshop in Polish Cieszyn
January 2010 : New release: Edita Small Text


December 2009 : Bored by Helv…. Choose LFT Etica
October 2009: Bree and Karmina family in DN divadelní noviny
September 2009: Ronnia at Le Monde Diplomatique
July 2009 : Meet Edita: a legibility workhorse
May 2009 : Meet Adelle: A real multiple-purpose slab serif
April 2009: Type design workshops in Mexico

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