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Athelas Arabic

Sneak Peek: Adelle Sans Devanagari

In 2013, Veronika and José visited the University of Reading as students again. They took the TDI course for a few days to understand how scripts from northern India work, to see samples in the Typography Department archives, and to make the first sketches of Adelle Sans Devanagari. To finish this project it took nearly four years, the collaboration of talented designers Erin McLaughlin and Vaibhav Singh, and external consultancy by expert Fiona Ross. Download the PDF to see a sneak peek of our first Devanagari type family, bringing the flexible and personable look of Adelle Sans to the third most used script in the world.


Typeface Publishing Incentive program

Fourth mentorship winner: Bogidar Mascareña’s Lanka

Each year TypeTogether holds an open call for post-grad students to submit their burgeoning typefaces for release through our foundry’s Typeface Publishing Incentive Program. We are excited to announce this year’s winner — the Lanka family by Bogidar Mascareña! Lanka uses the junctures of calligraphic strokes as an opportunity to achieve a stencil effect, shifting those connections to create unexpected shapes that arrest the reader’s attention. In its fourth year now, TPIP is primarily a mentorship program with the added benefits of a small sum of money and a publishing agreement when the type family is complete. Mascareña studied at KABK’s Typemedia program and took inspiration for Lanka from famous Spanish calligrapher Francisco Palomares. Thank you to all those who made submissions and congratulations again to Bogidar Mascareña!


How to create typefaces

Book release at St Bride in June

Have you ever wanted to learn the exact steps to create a typeface yourself? Then your wish has been granted! We’re excited to announce the release of the English translation of How to Create Typefaces, written by Laura Meseguer, Cristóbal Henestrosa, and José Scaglione. To celebrate the launch, the authors will discuss how their own processes informed the writing of the book — unravelling the fascinating task of creating a font from sketch to screen. Mark your calendar to join the celebration on 1 June 2017. Doors open at 6:30pm for mingling, with an introduction by Gerry Leonidas at 7pm (tickets available here).



Irene and Joanca report from TYPO Labs

Senior TypeTogether type designer Irene Vlachou and type engineer Joancarles Cassasín attended the second TYPO Labs in Berlin last month, organized by Monotype. TYPO Labs is a learning conference focused on the technology of making fonts, from plugin snippets to the biggest type design software. While many sessions discussed the new Variable font format, other topics included development tools, the foundries, and how to bring type to the end user in accessible and understandable ways. Want a more in-depth look at the conference? Then check out the article Irene and Joanca just finished on our blog.



ISType 2017

TypeTogether is again sponsoring Istanbul Typography Seminars June 9–11 in Turkey, organised by Onur Yazicigil. ISType’s goal is to provide an international gathering where students, professionals, and enthusiasts can share their ideas and inspire each other along the lines of this year’s theme: Variation. Our own senior type designer and Greek expert, Irene Vlachou, will participate with a talk about the evolution of Greek Typefaces.




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