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New release: LFT Etica Mono

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the LFT Etica family: LFT Etica Mono! Some things seem trendy, while others seem inevitable. LFT Etica Mono fulfils the necessary requirements of a daily font for coding and also meets the aesthetic desires of a designer. With two options for italics (one more cursive and the other strait-laced), LFT Etica Mono can optimise its feel for various situations. Check out this companion to Leftloft’s immensely popular LFT Etica and LFT Etica Sheriff families in our website type tester.

Meet the team: Elena Veguillas

Meet the team: Elena Veguillas

Our team interviews continue with our multitalented Elena Veguillas, Spanish designer and publisher, and TypeTogether’s communications manager. Elena has been with us almost six years, shaping TypeTogether’s look and feel. Get to know more about this PhD candidate and all-around wonder woman in our ongoing series of team interviews.

Type in use: Adelle Sans in Choreografia

Type in use: Adelle Sans in Choreografia

The adage says text should inform, persuade, or entertain. Most times it is a pleasure to see one’s typeface used well, and an even greater treat if the content is persuasive and interesting. Such is the case in the Polish book Choreografia: polityczność (Choreography: diplomacy). The design collective Kilku has expertly used Adelle Sans throughout the book in body text, titles, and the cover design to be the voice of dance, politics, and human expression and interaction.

IsType 2019

ISType 2019

If you are trying to decide about your summer conferences, look no more! The sixth edition of ISType will gather together the best in type and letter design. Sixteen professionals will discuss their design process, research methodologies, and type design methods. Join experts Veronika Burian, José Scaglione, Sahar Afshar, Marina Chaccur, Radek Sidun, and many others during this two-day conference in Istanbul.

Security Update

You trust us to keep your private information private, and we do. We have no reason to suspect a security breach, but since we value your trust we are increasing our website security now before it ever becomes an issue. We’ll take you through a quick process on your next login and that’ll take care of it. Simple as that.

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