Noam Text specimen: Bilingual progress

Talented Israeli designer Avi Bohbot designed this beautiful fold-out featuring Noam Text by Adi Stern. This dual script family has the stable resilience required for a newspaper typeface, and the harmony required for setting modern bilingual text of any category. Noam Text is a Hebrew font that builds on its heritage with the twin tools of honour and progress.

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An historically grounded exploration into salvaged styles, intended for attention, reference, and modern use.

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Regular, Italic, Bold, Display Black & Italienne Italic

Script and Language

Latin script support for 100+ languages

Recommended Usage

Books, posters, magazines, editorial


Basic ligatures, discretionary ligatures, small caps, 5 sets of figures (oldstyle, lining, tabular lining, tabular oldstyle, and small caps), basic and arbitrary fractions, superiors & inferiors, ordinals, case sensitive characters, arrows and ornaments

Meet Azza

The colleagues that make up TypeTogether’s core team are among the top in their respective fields. Azza Alameddine is another example — she’s a brilliant graphic and type designer, a detailed researcher, and a consistent producer of ideas and solutions. She is TypeTogether’s resident Arabic expert who most recently designed Adelle Sans Arabic and wrote the article on Arabic type anatomy that was so well received. Azza also handles much of the quality assurance for each type family, ensuring you get the highest quality fonts that will work in any supporting environment and program. On top of these responsibilities, she freelances for global clients in the areas of graphic design and type design consultancy. We are honoured to introduce you to Azza Alameddine. You’ll see much more from her in the years to come!


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