Edita in Marlon Wobst book project

Pilar Cano’s Edita font family was made for books. It can support photography, get out of the way, and be assertive. It can appear smooth, be reserved, and jab you with a spiky serif. Book designer Verena Gerlach chose Edita for her recent Marlon Wobst book project for these very reasons. Want to know the other reasons and see how well Edita performs? Read this new Type In Use post. We love seeing our typefaces in the wild, so be sure to send us your examples of our fonts being used well.

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TYPOLabs 2018 review

Almost half of the TypeTogether core team attended TYPO Labs this year. It was an old stomping ground for a few of the teammates, but for others it was their first time. Veronika Burian wrote a post about what it was like as a first-timer and why this year’s refrain was again the Variable font format.


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