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Gerard Unger Scholarship 2023

Prepare for Gerard Unger Scholarship

It’s almost that time again! Our Gerard Unger Scholarship call for entries will be open 15 April through 15 June 2023. We didn’t take entries last year, so you get a double-shot this time. All individuals either enrolled in or graduating from a typography course in 2022 or 2023 are invited to submit their designs for consideration. We want to see something fresh, with more than one weight or style, but without any restrictions on creativity or application.

Roxane Gataud farewell

Au revoir, Roxane!

Over the 15+ years of TypeTogether history, we’ve had teammates come and go, but few have touched our hearts like the wonderful and talented Roxane Gataud. She initially came to us through her stellar scholarship-winning Bely family and proved to be so skilled, creative, and enjoyable that we brought her on as a type designer permanently. After seven years with us, Roxane is moving on in her type design career. We will miss her greatly, but are happy to continue celebrating her accomplishments from afar for decades to come.

Lektorat Oblique
Lektorat Obliques

Lektorat oblique styles released

Since Lektorat’s initial release, Florian Fecher has been quietly adding oblique styles to expand his family. You’ve loved its headline-busting voice, so let’s get straight to the release — get the 21 new oblique styles (or the variable font) now! And if you’ve already bought some or all of the current Lektorat family, we’ll give any applicable discount toward the new styles when you email [email protected].

Building Ligatures
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