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Greek type anatomy by Irene Vlachou

Greek Typeface Anatomy

Latin type design has a strong history of relating structure to anatomy, but what about other scripts? Our core team has worked hard to produce introductions to typeface anatomy for Devanagari and Arabic. Now Irene Vlachou adds an article about Greek typeface anatomy. Follow the links above to read the other articles and download the accompanying PDFs to learn more about scripts from your global neighbours.

Abril in use: Todavía magazine

Type in use: Todavía magazine uses Abril & Adelle Sans

Argentinian magazine Todavía ran for 40 issues and enjoyed a warm reception in Latin American culture. In addition to that, designers would look to it for aesthetic inspiration and the populace would look to it for respectful representation of artists, issues, and themes. Among other typefaces, Abril and Adelle Sans were featured prominently and in arresting ways. Our blog has the longer article with in-use pictures.

TDC Exhibition Noam Text with Adi Stern and Veronika Burian

Exhibition: Noam Text at TDC NY

The TDC holds several typographic talks each month and includes important exhibitions. On 14 November 2019, Veronika Burian and Adi Stern will kick off the exhibition “Dichotomies: A pop-up poster exhibition” with the talk “Harmony and Converse: The Story of Noam Text”. Adi will present the challenges and highlights of creating Noam Text, his Hebrew and Latin family that combines resilience, progress, and harmony. Veronika will provide insights on TypeTogether’s dedication to global typography and the particular challenges of developing Noam Text.

Trevor Discount

Flash sale: 60% off Trevor

Trevor is both kindly and commanding, a neighbourly slab serif that sees the best in others. And now you can use Trevor’s friendly ways with our current discount. Load one weight or the whole Trevor family into your cart and use this code ad5de505 to get an enormous 60% off the normal price! This sale is only good until November 11, so be smart about snagging this treat!

Maiola in use

Type in use: Maiola in “TypeFaces: Women of Type”

For her MA thesis, designer Yulia Popova has designed, written, and edited the book TypeFaces: Women of Type. The book is devoted entirely to recognising women in type design (Gayaneh Bagdasaryan, Maria Doreuli, Louise Fili, Martina Flor, and others) and includes a showcase of typefaces, essays, and a series of interviews, including with our own Veronika Burian. Yulia also chose Veronika’s Maiola family for the cover and to set key moments throughout the book. While it doesn’t yet have a publisher, we hope to see it printed and on bookshelves soon.

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