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New release: Portada Arabic by Sahar Afshar

A warm welcome to Portada Arabic

Our Portada family has already won several awards and been used everywhere from magazines and international airline branding to our website and other digital text. Today we announce Sahar Afshar’s Portada Arabic typeface. Based on the Naskh style, the new extension follows the same scheme with Display and Text versions and variable fonts. Use Portada Arabic to bring warmth and clarity to print and digital work. Read all about it here.

AWANZAMAN Designed by Juliet Shen & Mamoun Sakkal
BREE ARABIC Designed by José Scaglione & Veronika Burian & Azza Alameddine
Adelle Sans Arabic designed by José Scaglione & Veronika Burian & Azza Alameddine
Athelas Arabic, designed by José Scaglione & Sahar Afshar
Portada Arabic by Sahar Afshar

TypeTogether’s collection of Arabic typefaces

We specialise in multiscript font families, and since 2016 we have purposefully increased our Arabic typefaces with some of the best designers in the world. Each brings their unique skills to the style and purpose of the family: Azza Alameddine designed Adelle Sans Arabic and Bree Arabic. AwanZaman was designed by Mamoun Sakkal and Juliet Shen. Sahar Afshar designed Athelas Arabic and now Portada Arabic. See them all on our website’s Arabic Typeface section.

Adelle Sans Latin and Adelle Sans Arabic in use at the Spanish Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020

Adelle Sans Arabic + Latin in Dubai

Expo Dubai 2020 includes a Spanish Pavilion set up allowing visitors to meander through. The Barcelona-based multidisciplinary studio OnionLab collaborated with External Reference to create the exhibition linking Spanish and Arab culture. To our happy surprise, it uses our Adelle Sans Arabic and Adelle Sans Latin for all text: a flexible and personable world-ready font family, providing true multilingual font support.

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New TypeTogether posters

We’ve just made a run of five new posters, which are only available in limited quantities from our online shop. Argentinian designer Cesar Sesio designed all of them from our newer releases: Catalpa, Postea, Lektorat, and Molto. And since they’re printed on gorgeous Munken Lynx 100 gram paper, they’re all worthy of adorning your space.

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