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Catalpa wood type

Catalpa wood type interview

We interviewed talented designers and researchers Rafael Dietzsch and Rafael Neder about the idea, background, and process of creating our Catalpa Extrabold family in wood type. It was a long process and well worth the effort!

Catalpa wood type

TT and the Brazilian wood type project

Printing with wood type is enjoying something of a comeback - graphic arts professionals are drawn by its materiality, ancestral history, and combining it with contemporary technologies. This is the story of our collaboration with the Brazilian wood type project.

Making Catalpa

Weighty words: making Catalpa

Inspired by wood type, creating the Catalpa family was not an easy process. Veronika and José discuss the multi-year journey, the lows and highs, and the digital and wood type that resulted from it.

Catalpa wood type poster

Catalpa wood letterpress poster

Catalpa was inspired by wood type, clever diacritics, and peculiarities in large headline text. It’s only fair for it to be turned into true wood type and used in poster creation by Rafael Neder, Rafael Dietzsch, and Cláudio Rocha.

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