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Noort Bengali by Juan Bruce

Our award-winning Noort typeface family can now communicate in a new script — Bengali. Juan Bruce’s energetic and dynamic text typeface is TypeTogether’s very first Bengali design. With its five weights, unique suite of icons, and keen attention to typographic detail, Noort is all set to become your go-to choice for typesetting long–form Bengali publications. Read the story of Noort Bengali here.

Noort Bengali by Juan Bruce
Noort Bengali by Juan Bruce

Speaking Bengali & Latin together

Noort harmonises Bengali and Latin by honouring the same calligraphy-inspired gestural tension in all letterforms. This gives text in both scripts an active, lively posture despite their obvious differences. Since some visual features belong in one script but not in the other, Noort creates compatibility by balancing weight and proportion with the overall personality it should have.

Noort Bengali by Juan Bruce
Noort Bengali by Juan Bruce

A typographer’s dream

We’ve packed Noort Bengali with OpenType magic that brings typographic finesse to bilingual text — be it Bengali conjuncts and width-matched vowel marks, script-specific punctuation marks, or proportional and tabular figures in both scripts. And we’ve included icons that share the design’s warm, analogue sensibility, which can be called up simply by typing their name and choosing the correct stylistic set.

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