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Noort By Juan Bruce receives TDC

Noort receives TDC award

Our great congratulations to Juan Bruce on winning a TDC Certificate of Excellence for the Noort family. This is Juan’s first foray into the type world and, as one of the recipients of our Typeface Publishing Incentive Program, we couldn’t be happier with how well he has begun his journey. Congratulations to Juan and to the other award recipients!


Noort Display and Noort Icons

Noort Display & Icons

Last month we showed a few images of Noort’s two upcoming fonts — the display weight and the icons — and now they’re here! We’ve polished them up and stacked the icons with some helpful tech under the hood to make it easier for you to use. The icons can be generated by either choosing them directly from the Glyph Palette (in OpenType-savvy programs) or by typing in the first few letters of the icon. As you type, the icon will cycle through the choices if there’s more than one. Want a triangle? Start typing t–r–i–a–n… and you’ll see the options one after the other. More than just a cool programming trick, this can quickly take the guesswork out of finding what you want. Alphabetical cheat sheets included. And a UFO.


LFT Etica Sheriff 50% off

50% off LFT Etica Sheriff

The sans came first. Then the serif. Now it’s your turn to wrangle a deal in this bustling cowtown. Never has a sheriff been so easily bought, but today is your day. For a time no longer than a town hall meeting, you can get LFT Etica Sheriff for half price, and you’ll be glad ya did. Ain’t nobody got time to waste trying to set a headline or a paragraph perfectly. But this barrel of buckaroos will practically do it for you. Just enter the code at checkout and your digital saddlebag will be fuller than a saloon on payday. Just use the code 6209a422 at the checkout.


Trevor in use in The Ephemerist

Trevor in The Ephemerist

Every once in a while one of our typefaces gets used in a pitch-perfect kind of way — not in an environment we specifically created it for, but a way in which it feels at home. Sara Chapman’s use of Teo Tuominen’s Trevor typeface in The Ephemerist is just that: quirky and mood-setting, supportive of the content and tone, and clever. Trevor is used for paragraph text, article headings, and subheads, and it does so in neighbourly fashion, of course.


Upcoming lectures

Upcoming events, mark your calendar

Aligned with our commitment to passing on what we’ve learned, the TypeTogether team already have a busy schedule lined up in the first half of 2018: LadFest in Peru, Typostammtisch in Berlin, TDC in Nantes, Typographics in New York and more. It’s packed so register if you’re near these events, say hi during the happenings, and keep your eyes peeled for more event announcements in the coming months.


Webfont Licenses

Understanding and getting the best webfont licensing deal

Each person on the TypeTogether team supports educational endeavours often. One thing we often get asked about is webfont licensing, so we wrote an article to address it in detail. We go over the pay-as-you-go and perpetual pageview systems, how they work, and which might make the most sense for you. Though each entity’s needs differ, webfonts are here to stay so mash the Read link to get a handle on licensing pros and cons.




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