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Lisbeth: Feisty trailblazer

Louisa Fröhlich’s Lisbeth is the charming all-italic trailblazer that handles branding and text with internal vividness. With no roman style, it’s an italic-only family whose creation was guided by imagination instead of restrictive writing tools. Some type families aren’t sure what they want. Lisbeth proceeds with the utmost confidence on its own terms — it’s a feisty three-dimensional thespian amidst the cast of strait-laced characters you’re used to.


Typeface Publishing Incentive Program

Calling all type design students! TypeTogether takes type education seriously. Each year we partner with at least one postgraduate to mentor and support them as they complete their first type family and release it to the public. Previous recipients were Roxane Gataud’s Bely, Juan Bravo’s Noort, and Quentin Schmerber’s Temeraire. Yours could be next. The designer whose project is selected will receive mentoring with the TypeTogether team, extensive feedback on their design, and guidance to complete the family and publish it through TypeTogether. Additionally, a sum of money will be provided to allow the designer to continue working on their typeface after the course of study is over. This once-a-year opportunity can put you on a great path, so check out the submission details and get yours in before the deadline.


Fine print, fine deal

In case you missed it, we are running a great deal on a few fonts mades specifically for very small type. Read José’s post about fine print and grab some great styles of Cora, Lipa Agate, and Edita Small. We are offering a 40% discount on three typefaces engineered for the smallest of text: Cora (code: 4a9d3fbf), Lipa Agate (code: bb4f9b38), and Edita (code: 1aaca25). Make your selections and enter their specific code at checkout (valid until 1 January 2017).


Webfonts and apps: licencing available

Need one of our webfonts or want to use our typefaces in your app? Well, TypeTogether offers sensible webfont and app licences on our website for a very sensible fee and with understandable terms. We’ve done this with big companies, like Quartz and Voxmedia, and with smaller companies such as Brain&Brain, whose award-winning game Burly Men at Sea uses Adelle. Say the designers, ‘Indies like us don’t have the budget for some of the crazy fees and terms from other foundries/storefronts, and we didn’t want to settle for a free font, so we were excited to discover TypeTogether.’ Whether large or small, we can help you get it right.


365Typo vol.2

TypeTogether has a few articles again in the second volume of 365Typo. José’s article about ATypI as a platform to connect type designers with type users leads off the entire book. Veronika’s article, ‘Why do we need another typeface?’ answers that persistent question. The release of Adelle Sans Armenian is discussed in an article about typefaces released in 2016. And there’s a profile about Veronika within a longer article about women in design. We are proud to have taken part again in a book discussing the intersection of design and typography.

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