Quick guide to using our fonts on the web

We have received many queries about using our typefaces on websites. We are in the process of updating our End User Licence Agreement in order to clarify our position in view of the latest developments in this area. But while the lawyers do their work we want to make sure you can do yours. So here are some helpful notes about our stand regarding font usage for web publishing:

  • Font embedding in PDF or Flash documents is allowed.
  • We consider Cufon and sFIR to be other embedding formats and they are also allowed in our EULA.
  • Using our fonts for a software application such as a game or an installable application usually requires a special licence that has to be tailored for each project.
  • Posting the font files on a server is not allowed. Hence the use of @font-face is also prohibited.
  • It will be possible to use some of our fonts via @font-face by subscribing to the services of our partner Typekit. Note that no licence from TypeTogether will be necessary for this.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to discuss a specific kind of use of our fonts and are uncertain, if our EULA allows it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Type in use
Ronnia at Le Monde Diplomatique

Design studio Cosgaya Design chose Ronnia as a secondary typeface for the redesign of the argentinian edition of Le Monde Diplomatique.The new design makes perfect use of the high legibility that Ronnia allows in small sizes.

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Type in use
Crete for corporate id

Crete was selected as corporate typeface within a new visual identity for the Czech company Chapiteau, designed by Filip Blažek. Chapiteau is a communication and advertising agency, founded in 1998 as first of its kind in the Czech Republic. They realised a clear demand for well-executed advertising for the cultural sector and started to work successfully for institutions, such as the Czech National Museum, Dance Festival Prague, ....

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Burian to lecture at the Politechnico in Milan

Veronika was invited to give a lecture and part supervise students attending the course: Corso di alta formazione in type design, organised by the Politechnico in Milan. It is a month-long intense type course with four main parts: type history, type construction, fontlab and type practice. It is open to current design students and professionals alike. Veronika will talk about her practical experiences in the "real world of type" and overlook, together with Andrea Braccaloni, the student's practical work.
Type in use
Brochures featuring Bree

Bree was selected as the titling face for a new series of brochures featuring argentinian export offers in gourmet products. Designers Pablo Caruso y Sofia Castro Viera ( said: "we chose Bree because the best way of representing Argentina internationally is through design elements of the highest quality."

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Type in use
European Faleristics

Czech Studio Designiq choose Ronnia as main typeface in 2 different catalogues, both celebrating European state orders and honours, also called faleristics. They accompany a unique exhibition in Prague's Hrzanský Palace, organised in collaboration with the Czech Government, National Museum and Military History Institute in Prague.

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