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Athelas Arabic

Athelas Arabic

Some type families are planned as multilingual from the beginning, while others seem destined for expansion. Designed by Sahar Afshar, TypeTogether proudly announces Athelas Arabic, the fluid and refined companion to the original serif. Athelas is an established, widely used text family in both digital and print environments. Athelas Arabic is a partner script rather than a derivative, solving similar challenges of setting long texts with due respect to each language but without simple mimicry. The Arabic retains all the character and finesse of the Latin, but, in keeping with our commitment to serve more of the world’s population, expands its ability to address a larger segment of our connected world.


Type in use:Two Dutch newspapers

This month’s Type In Use shows how pairing type results in a distinct voice. Two Dutch newspapers, each with their own tone, have chosen families from our catalogue that support their emphasis while maintaining impressive readability. Since 2006 De Volkskrant has used Dr Gerard Unger’s Capitolium News 2 for headings and paragraphs throughout the award-winning publication, which demonstrates a modern and restrained take on the news tradition. De Telegraaf opted to combine Tablet Gothic, Abril Text, and Abril Titling for instantaneous hierarchical recognition and a rich overall texture.




Veronika and José in China

Veronika and José visited China for three weeks to lead workshops, give presentations, and take part in an exhibition. They were hosted by Dr Liu Zhao, TypeTogether’s press representative in China, and were able to enjoy the rich cultural heritage and varied artistic and typographic experiences only available there. We continue to make strides with our Chinese partner, Founder Type, and look forward to many fruitful endeavors together. From the Latin type workshops to the presentations at several universities, thanks to everyone who came out and made the time such an enjoyable success! And don’t miss José’s latest film production, a video-summary of the trip in less than three minutes.



Malofiej 2017

TypeTogether attended and sponsored Pamplona’s 25th annual Malofiej Infographics World Summit at the end of March. The summit focuses on the intersection of design, information, and text in digital and print markets, and caps off the week with a Pulitzer-level infographics award. From editorials to factoids, typography plays an increasingly important role, beyond just being necessary. To do this, the designer must deal with much complexity to make information accessible and understandable in a graphical way. We gained a lot from this summit and hope to be able to offer solutions in the future for this vital communication method in our fast-paced and information-rich world.