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Rezak’s concrete soul: Anya Danilova interview

Anya Danilova’s interview

Anya Danilova’s Rezak’s font family has a concrete soul dressed up in light-hearted clothes. It is readable and perfect for packaging, brands, children’s books, and in large formats like album covers, posters, call-outs, and gaming. While the Black and Black Incised versions have the heaviest printed impact, we reconnected with Anya to see what kind of impact Rezak’s design and release had on her.

Rezak Poster available in our store

Rezak Poster available in our store

To complement Rezak’s release, we commissioned a new poster from Martin Gnadt that is now available in our store. Just cover the shipping and the poster is yours for free. The design shows movement with a bright yellow ampersand on reflective silver background. Printed by H.R.G. on Munken Lynx 100g paper, 560 x 360 mm.

Back-to-school educational discount

Back-to-school educational discount

At the start of the school year we always remind you about our educational discount. All students, faculty, and departments — anyone involved with education — receive 50% off all our typefaces year-round. This doubles the amount of TypeTogether fonts you can get! Just email us at [email protected] from your school address to receive the promo code.

Postea & Bely exhibited

Postea & Bely exhibited

Held at the Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany from April–July 2022, ‘Hanna Nagel: rediscovery of a pioneer of feminist art’ celebrates one of the first feminist artists in Germany. Berlin-based designer Verena Gerlach chose Postea and Bely, both created by TypeTogether women, as a fitting tribute for the exhibition catalogue.

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