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35% summer splash discount in all typefaces

You’ve wanted to get the entire family you saw here, but just haven’t made the leap yet. Well, now is the perfect time! For ten days only, we are happy to offer 35% off a full font family or any individual font from our entire catalogue. Be your next client’s hero, get award-winning typefaces, and save money. Load up your cart with some summertime fun and paste this code aa7573c when you check out by 4 August 2019.

TypeTogether printed specimens

Specimens, glorious specimens

Every so often we create another specimen to show off the incredible range of our typefaces. Beyond seeing them in immediate use on our website type tester, the printed specimens are made to highlight the typeface’s strengths and specific uses — their beauty and function expertly displayed. Pay only for shipping and we’ll get them into your hands right away. We made one specifically for book usage, a UI/infographics/screen specimen, a newspaper and magazine offering, a few posters, and many more.

Adelle Sans Extended free licenses for Ngos

As a company, TypeTogether believes in helping those who, often at their own expense and hardship, are doing great work. We solve problems by creating new fonts, like Adelle Sans Extended which we just released last month. It covers all African languages that are Latin-based. Here’s something important: We offer free Adelle Sans Extended licenses to educational institutions and NGOs doing humanitarian or educational work in Africa, and those conducting research in African studies or linguistics. Please get in touch via our contact form for more information.


Protipo for new Libora brand

The new brand Libora has chosen Protipo as its brand font. Protipo will be its voice in all communication from the wordmark to environmental signage, business cards, and hangtags. With branding design by Tuco, Libora’s vision is to explore avant-garde product design and decoration, such as chairs, lamps, armchairs, living room furniture, and much more.

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