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Stay calm, stay at home

Humour is the best antidote to a crisis! It helps to boost your immune system and to see new possible ways out. Stay calm, stay at home, wash your hands, and keep your humour up. During lockdown we hope everyone stays safe and takes care during this difficult time! We want to contribute to make these days a bit more fun. Check our Instagram account to play type games and our blog for new content.

New release: Portada Thai

Portada Thai: Warmly looped

In 2016 we released the watershed font family Portada, aimed at reclaiming the ability of serifs to be used on small screens or unwelcoming pixel grids. Portada went on to win awards, be used excellently on websites (like our own), and become the brand typeface for Austrian Airlines. Today we’re announcing the release of Portada Thai by Pilar Cano in concert with Veronika Burian and José Scaglione. Portada Thai is a modern looped font family that tames the screen with a warm tone. We’ve bundled the entire Latin family with it and included the dark and light icon sets. Check it out on our website type tester during your downtime and see how the screen has met its match.

Interview with Wolfgang Homola

Personable perfection: interview with Wolfgang Homola

Wolfgang Homola is the deliberate and analytical designer responsible for the Soleil font family, the fresh geometric sans showing up in smartphone apps, branding, books, and posters around the world. In this interview, Homola gives a peek into his thought process and hopes for design.

Beginner’s Guide to Multiscript Typography

Pooja Saxena’s beginner’s guide to multiscript typography

The world is becoming more connected (distancing and curfews notwithstanding), and that means more cultures and scripts are interacting on a daily basis. If you’ve ever wondered how text can be set professionally in more than one script, or wanted to know how to do it correctly, this article by world traveler and multiscript type expert Pooja Saxena is for you. Pooja walks you through the do’s and dont’s of setting two distinct scripts on the same page. It’s time to get educated in multiscript use!

Call for entries: Gerard Unger Scholarship

Call for entries: Gerard Unger Scholarship

Bely by Roxane Gataud, Noort by Juan Bruce, Temeraire by Quentin Schmerber, Laima by Bogidar Mascareñas, and Florian Fecher’s upcoming Lektorat (previously Redaktion). Besides winning awards, what’s one thing they all had in common? Each designer went through our mentorship program in order to turn their designs from hopeful into legitimate, attention-grabbing, and professional families. With our Gerard Unger Scholarship, you can be next! If you’re a post-graduate student, submit your typeface before 1 June.

Bely in BCNegra

Bely in BCNegra

BCNegra holds their conference in Barcelona each year to celebrate crime fiction. This year their optically engrossing identity — by Spanish graphic designer Susana Blasco — used Roxane Gataud’s Bely Display for headlines with some kick. Bely was also used in text, billboards, posters, the printed programme — every touch point. The literature festival invited top speakers, panellists, and attendees to discuss works, the state of authorship, and engage in networking in a fun atmosphere.

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