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New release: Adelle Mono & Adelle Flex, one family, two spaces

Adelle Mono & Adelle Mono Flex

The developer and the aesthete can celebrate together with the release of Veronika Burian and José Scaglione’s two-sided Adelle Mono family. Adelle Mono is the true monospaced version for developers to use during their time of unseen creativity. Adelle Mono Flex is the proportional version that’s suited for text, branding, UI, captions, and screens — it feels monospaced but reads like a nice slab. Read all about it, give it a thorough test run on our website type tester, and grab it while the 60% introductory discount lasts!

Type Quality: How to spot fonts worth your money

Recognising quality fonts

Even free fonts can cost you in terms of hassle, disappointment, and a ding against your credibility. How do you know if a typeface is worth the money or will just let you down? From intended use to originality, Veronika & José tell you exactly what to look for. Ensure you and your clients get more than a font that looks cool, but one that will serve them well — in a wide range of scenarios, across languages and scripts, and for years to come.

Type in use:

Protipo constructs Modo’s brand

Modern companies need modern branding. What could be more current than a typeface made for information, branding, and use everywhere! That’s where TypeTogether’s fonts shine, in this case with Protipo being chosen as the face of construction company Modo. With a red the colour of cooling steel and a handful of logo lockup options, Modo has built-in brand stability.

Work in progress: Belarius

We’re excited about the possibilities of variable fonts. While developers have been won to the side of “mobile first”, our newest font family in progress Belarius was created from the beginning as “variable first” — and its small file size and instantaneous responsiveness serves the developer community as much as the design and user community. Belarius is our most impressive magazine font yet! Sliders included.

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