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Alisa Nowak’s Eskapade and Eskapade Fraktur updated and extended

The second version of Eskapade is dropping now! Eskapade created new common ground between an experimental Fraktur and a nimble oldstyle serif. Before, Eskapade only had six weights. Now with this huge update, Eskapade gains 16 total weights, refined shapes, improved spacing, more glyphs per weight, small caps, and a bevy of ornaments. It’s an update well worthy of its ‘2.0’ moniker.

Meet the team Irene Vlachou

Meet the team: Irene Vlachou

Our team interviews continue with Greek type design expert and TypeTogether's pioneer in variable fonts, Irene Vlachou. Irene is a native of Greece, an instructor, and an accomplished type designer with a host of fonts to her credit. Her two common modes are deep thought and boisterous laughter — sometimes together — and she is immensely respected in the global design community. Get to know more about her in our ongoing series of team interviews.

Langara custom font

Corporate typography: Adelle

Speaking of education, Langara College continues to hold a special place in our heart. The institution has a deep commitment to the indigenous people who still live there and the school has always worked hard to partner with them. They recently commissioned us to expand the Adelle family with glyphs from the Halkomelem alphabet, which we gladly did. The project expands the opportunity to share culture and language in the most targeted way — within the cultural environment of higher education itself.

How to create typefaces in Chinese

Chinese release of ‘How to create typefaces’

It has been barely over a year since the English version of How to Create Typefaces was released, and now the Chinese version is ready to go. Originally the brainchild of the good people at Tipo e publishing house, the book is available for purchase in one of five languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, and now Chinese. From publisher Citiq Press and all those involved with the translation, we are honoured to present their valuable efforts to the Chinese speaking population. This wide-ranging book will teach more than the basics of creating fonts. Pass the word!

Educational Discount

Educational discount

If there’s something TypeTogether believes in, it’s education. Almost every month we highlight an upcoming educational event of which one of our team members is part. Still, it’s not enough to only be part of educating others. We put our money where our values are. That’s why we’ve always offered a 25% discount on every font purchase for all students, educators, departments, and schools of any level. If you’re working in education — whether your own or someone else’s — we’re here to support you.

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