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Font pairing: Aneto and Belarius

Font pairing: Aneto and Belarius

Perfect pair: Aneto + Belarius

Pairing typefaces can be hard because it is part science and part art. For beginners, even knowing how to get started is a huge hurdle. For pros, finding a perfect pairing for so many uses can feel almost impossible. One pair might work in a few cases, but not for much more. TypeTogether helps make it easy because we start our font designs with their uses and pairings in mind. (Here’s ten tips for font matchmaking.)

As one of our most widely applicable serif creations, Aneto is aesthetically captivating and applicable to all editorial formats. It has styles for all paragraph text and an additional family for the largest of titles. Our Belarius is a family that shifts from a sans serif all the way to a slab serif, supplying the right tone for its midrange purposes: packaging, headlines and subheads, advertising, decks, and pull-quotes. Used together, their differences keep the hierarchy clear and keeps readers reading, as each plays its distinct role.

The two main typographic design problems begging to be solved are reducing file size and having more style options. Aneto and Belarius each come in a huge number of styles (56 and 90, respectively) to dial in their precise use. But what about another option for the more savvy designer, developer, and user? For that, Aneto groups all its static styles into four variable fonts and Belarius wraps its 90 styles into just two variable fonts — using only a fraction of the memory! Infinite style options in less digital space: the future of typography is our variable font format.



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