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Primarium research and website

Primarium website is now live!

How is handwriting taught around the world? This simple question we asked almost two years ago has resulted in a remarkable amount of research, which is now ready to be seen and used by the world. We are proud to announce our new website, https://primarium.info.

Supported by Google Fonts, developed by Ashler Design, and in conjunction with over 60 knowledgeable collaborators, Primarium is a growing repository on handwriting models in Latin-based primary education.

How do the shapes of letters in Denmark or Indonesia compare to those in Colombia or South Africa, and where did they come from? Are there historic connections and how does instruction differ across regions? Primarium answers these and many other questions. Whether by country or by writing style, the user can explore the dozens of handwriting methods from five continents and almost 40 nations.

This resource — the first of its kind — is freely accessible and designed to serve the typographic and educational communities now and far into the future as it continues to be updated. And the resources, publications, experts, and links compiled and freely shared on this website can serve as a base of reference for any serious future research on the topic.

Primarium research and website

Primarium research and website

Upcoming Playpen font family
While we enjoy and are accustomed to conducting exhaustive research and testing, we are still primarily a font company. So as a huge bonus, we are using Primarium’s comprehensive data to develop TypeTogether’s upcoming Playpen font family. We’ll have more info about it soon enough, but for now, let us know what you think about the https://primarium.info website.



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