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10 branding design tips

Corporate branding advice: the first in an essay series

Branding is a big deal. Whether for a small business or an international megacorp, branding presents to the public who you are and what you do. Make the logo, choose the colours, and set the style, but the typeface needs certain qualities in order to hit all the right notes. In this article, José Scaglione gives ten suggestions garnered from his years in graphic design, teaching, corporate success, and designing custom typefaces for the world’s top companies.

And that was 2019

And that was 2019

Closing out this year meant closing out the entire calendar decade, and boy was it a great one at TypeTogether! (We’re talking about the year and the decade.) We won’t go through it all here, but we released some incredible font families and updated others, educated tons of people around the world, printed some gorgeous specimens, published top-notch articles by our rockstar designers, and oh-so-much-more. Check out our annual recap for inspiration from our perspiration.


Temeraire: poster and in use

Temeraire family designer Quentin Schmerber just put the finishing touches on a stunning poster. Based in English lettering traditions, Temeraire rescues disparate styles from echoes in time and makes them worth beholding. This hypnotic, fluorescent poster refuses to be ignored and is available now. Get it from the link below. And speaking of hypnotising the public, Temeraire is in use in issue 95 of French magazine Le Bonbon Nuit. Follow the link for headlines that are worth their weight in history and beauty.



Arlette, Adelle Sans and Bree in Granshan Awards

The annual Granshan competition has awarded TypeTogether with another bevy of awards for our hard work and consistent progress in multiscript typefaces. Among the winners are the families of Arlette, Adelle Sans, and Bree, focusing on their non-Latin scripts. A huge thank you to the Granshan judges and a huge shoutout to our eleven amazing designers. Such a rewarding close to a successful year!

Type in use: Eskapade

Megaverb uses Eskapade in throwback promo

Throwbacks to the 1980s aesthetic have been trending for a little while now, and this takes it to another level. The promotional video for Megaverb, a digital plugin that simulates the “bad-quality” reverb synonymous with the 1980s, uses Eskapade Fraktur to create an unexpectedly effective result. Eskapade’s designer, Alisa Nowak, didn’t originally design it for this use, but it works surprisingly well.

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