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Adelle Sans free update

Our hardworking Adelle Sans family was just given an update and it’s free to download now (current Adelle Sans license holders). Adelle Sans has enough character to be eye-catching in headlines and branding. Listening to your feedback, we added an alternate lowercase ‘l’ to help with recognition. True, it does not change the fundamental design, but it’s now easier to tell apart from other characters and it softens the overall look ever so slightly. Log into your account on our website to grab the free update.

The Making of Adelle Mono

The Making of Adelle Mono & Mono Flex

Monospace fonts carry opposite tones, from low-tech typewriters to high-tech development and coding. Our idea was to bring something more to the table with Adelle Mono and Mono Flex. Pooja Saxena wrote an informative post about monospaced typefaces and how our new family fits into, and extends, that category.


LFT Arnoldo in concept brewery brand

Feeling like having a Birrificio Martesana beer? We might have to wait a bit longer. Gianluca Pirotta, senior graphic designer at Leftloft has explored the branding and design of a fictional brewery in the old and trendy neighbourhood of Milan, La Martesana. He has used the recently released LFT Arnoldo, designed by Leftloft, to create a playful, typographic, and personable product image that combines historical and contemporary elements of La Martesana.

Lektorat: full-featured work in progress

Last year’s winner of the Gerard Unger Scholarship was Lektorat (previously named Redaktion) by Florian Fecher. Since then Florian has been steadily refining his design, working with our team to craft a strong and focused family, and we’ve begun the first few steps of the marketing plan. But all that behind-the-scenes stuff isn’t as fun as getting a peek at Lektorat, so click the link and have at it!

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