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Bree Thai and Bree Arabic new!

For TypeTogether’s last release of 2021, we have a sweet surprise. Our friendliest typeface family, Bree, is expanding in a huge way. Please welcome Bree Arabic by Azza Alameddine, and Bree Thai by Panuwat Usakulwattana. And that’s not all — Bree Latin now has Pinyin support and improved Vietnamese diacritics. Bree is always affable and approachable no matter what script you are using, but you can switch to a more formal voice simply by using stylistic alternates.

Bree Thai and Bree Arabic new!
Bree Thai and Bree Arabic, new!

Speaking Arabic and Thai

Bree Arabic, designed by Azza Alameddine, with assistance from Najla Badran and Rabab Charafeddine, is a typeface in the Ru’qah style packed with an extended ligature set and alternates. It makes its debut with Bree Thai, a modern loopless design by Cadson Demak’s Panuwat Usakulwattana. Both are seven-weight families (Bree Thai also has matching obliques) with a convivial tone, perfect for branding and headlines. Want to know more about the development of the new Bree scripts ? The article is linked below.

Bree: Improved Vietnamese language support and new Pinyin support

Building Bridges with Vietnamese and Pinyin

As part of our commitment to make multiscript fonts, the latest version of Bree now supports Pinyin, the official system of romanisation for the Chinese written language. With expert know-how from Donny Truong, José Scaglione has also overhauled Bree Latin’s Vietnamese diacritics to improve legibility as well as visual design and compatibility.

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Danielle Evans, our type of foodie

Danielle Evans, the queen of food type, has made our primary Bree Multiscript campaign video. She made letters from each script into common treats from different cultures, resulting in the most decadent type release. Watch the video and see some making-of action here.

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