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Anya Danilova’s new Rezak font family

Rezak: the weight is way over

When you start by designing the heaviest weight of a typeface, it’s guaranteed to carry some emotions with it. Say hello to Anya Danilova’s Rezak font family, a jaunty and daring Latin and Cyrillic typeface that includes an incised version and icons — a full-fledged design for logotypes, packaging, movies, children’s books, and gaming. Try it on our desktop type tester now and grab the entire ten-style family for your next project.

Anya Danilova’s new Rezak font family
Anya Danilova’s new Rezak font family
Anya Danilova’s new Rezak font family
Anya Danilova’s new Rezak font family

“No one achieves anything alone”

Anya Danilova won the 2020 Gerard Unger Scholarship for her Rezak typeface. On the occasion of Rezak’s release, we wanted to highlight the interview in which we discuss Anya’s design history and working together versus working alone.

Building ligatures book

Celebrating collaboration with TypeTogether’s new book: Building ligatures

For the past 15 years, TypeTogether has bet everything on relationships. This purposeful investment has resulted in modern, useful, and evocative font families that cover the vast majority of the world’s languages. Now you can grab your own copy of our new book celebrating the collaborative spirit and the impressive results it produces.

If you happen to be in Dublin, Munich, or Prague in May of 2022, some of the core TypeTogether team and contributors would love to meet you at one of our regional book launches! Save the date; more details to come:

• Dublin 17 May 2022, Dublin School of Creative Arts, Technological University Dublin. More info and registration here.
• Munich 21 May 2022, as part of Granshan “Signs of the times” conference & ceremony, at Literaturhaus. More info and registration here.
• Prague 25 May 2022, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design.

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