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New release: Adelle Sans Chinese

It is our great honour to formally announce our partnership with the preeminent Chinese font foundry FounderType! While TypeTogether typefaces have been available in China as standalone families through FounderType for a while, our first official global collaboration is Adelle Sans Chinese — harmonising and bundling the FounderType Lanting Hei family with corresponding Adelle Sans styles. Adelle Sans Chinese ensures that all Chinese characters and all Latin characters aren’t just partners, but are equals within multiscript layouts, including punctuation. Founder Type is the most important font developer in China, with their typefaces being widely used in newspapers, advertising, books, packaging, mobile devices, television, games, software, branding, and so much more. And this is just the beginning.

Before you print, Preflight

Before you print, preflight

Every business has a set of “best practices” they automatically begin at the start of each project. Nurses and doctors assess before making recommendations; graphic designers research before creating a logo; architects survey a site before drawing plans; and printers run a diagnostic on a digital file before doing a run of 5,000. So our multitalented friend (graphic designer, publisher, editor, writer, and more) from Prague, Filip Blažek, has put together a preflight cheat sheet to save you time, hassle, and of course money.

TypeTogether on Sandoll Cloud Font Service

TypeTogether on Sandoll Cloud Font Service

Sandoll, our valued Korean colleagues, are now carrying some of our typefaces on their Cloud Font Service. One benefit is the expert pairing of Sandoll and TypeTogether fonts as a combined product (though not in one font file so far). The subscription model offers flexible renting periods, easy access and updating, a hassle-free service, and a reasonable price per month (starting at €7,5). The Korean market now has easier access to affordable, quality Latin fonts — no language or commercial barrier!

Garalda in use in the trilingual art publication Soon (English, Latvian, Russian)

Garalda graces art publication Soon

Fine books need fine typography, and even more so when speaking of works in the fine art category. Garalda was made by Xavier Dupré and has been used in the trilingual publication Soon as part of the art project #mikropilsonis, developed by Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art for its inter-seasonal programme microRIBOCA, 2019. The book was designed by Latvian typographer and book designer Alexey Murashko, who has also extended Garalda to the Cyrillic script. Murashko describes Garalda as “perfect, calm, humanistic, with ligatures that look like fine handwriting,” and more. Click through to see how Garalda’s legacy of finesse graces each page.

TypeTogether culture

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started reaching around the world, we’ve worked hard to provide a way to decompress, a way to get some font education, and an avenue for inspiration. Our team has worked remotely since our beginning 15 years ago, so Elena wrote about that. Part of that has been communicating over video chats, so Pooja wrote about that. And when things started getting serious we kicked into overdrive to produce a months-worth of Instagram font quiz content to keep things fun. (Find them in the Instagram Stories highlight). There you can check your knowledge on Latin or Devanagari type anatomy, differentiate scripts, see how well you know TypeTogether font families, and much more. Add to that our list of videos on Twitter (now a blog entry as well) and more to come in the next weeks, and you’ll see that we play hard and work hard. Join us!

Adelle Mono Sneak Peek

Adelle Mono sneak peek

The large multiscript, multi-award winning Adelle family is getting a delivery from the font stork soon: Adelle Mono is on its way! Due in one month, Adelle Mono will have mono-width and multi-width styles, several weights, and an italic companion. It’s been tested and approved for ease of use by coders, developers, and pro designers. Time to update your Sublime, Terminal, or your email to something fresh and focused — Adelle Mono is coming soon!

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