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Gerard Unger Scholarship winner Ploquine by Emma Marichal

Every year we open our Gerard Unger Scholarship for submissions and receive a flood of novel and useful multiscript designs. In fact, last year’s Gerard Unger Scholarship entries we so impressive and compelling, we have decided to grant the 2022 scholarship to one of the entries from last year: Ploquine by Emma Marichal. While we will not be taking official entries this year, next year we will accept entries from students graduating in both 2022 and 2023. Keep working on your typefaces so they’re ready when we begin taking entries next year, and join us in congratulating Emma on her well deserved win!

Gerard Unger Scholarship winner Ploquine by Emma Marichal

Emma Marichal’s Ploquine

Based on wood type and utilising the variable font format, Emma Marichal’s Ploquine font family is set to be your next headliner. It’s still a work in progress, so check out the fun styles it will have. Besides the five text styles and two caption styles, Ploquine will have four display styles: a sans, two slabs that vary in width, and a concave version for something slightly unexpected.

Interview with Quentin Schmerber

Interviewing Quentin Schmerber: Temeraire

No doubt, Quentin Schmerber’s got some talent, and what put him on the map was his first type family Temeraire. Since its release as a Gerard Unger Scholarship winner, it has shown up on posters, in magazines, and many more places looking for eye-catching text. Read the interview about his process and the results.

Building Ligatures book & Barcelona event

Our Building ligatures book

Some business strategies insist that if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. But in type design, we bet it all on relationships because no one person can be a specialist in everything. Our Building Ligatures book emphasises this part of our story — the priority of relationships — since it is the core of who TypeTogether is. Speaking of relationships, the entire team will be in Barcelona, Spain the evening of 6 September for the book launch at Escola Bau and we’d love to see you there! Exact schedule to be announced. So grab your copy, come say hello, and expand your world with our multiscript capabilities.

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