Testing fonts

Thank your for your interest in testing our fonts.

1. If you are inquiring for a design/advertising agency (or similar) or are a freelance designer, please apply for our free Premier Membership.

It’s an idea to make it easier for creatives to access and test out the best of our library with one-click trial licences. You’ll find more than 70 high-quality award-winning font families, with 600 styles, and support for 9 unique writing systems.

Through Premier you can be the first to test beta fonts and use them in commercial work before anyone else. Alongside that, we’re creating content to help you keep up to date with typographic developments here, and in the industry at large.

As a fellow creative, we understand that you need the flexibility to test full families to make better choices. The Premier membership is a partnership, and as such, it’s free of charge. If you need help choosing or using type, improving legibility, customisation, licensing, pairing, or simply want an extra pair of eyes on a piece of design, we’re also here to help.

2. If you are inquiring as a student or educator please send your physical address details and the list of typefaces you would like to test to [email protected]. You will receive a temporary licence agreement specifying the test time period and other parameters. You will need to sign and return the agreement as a PDF. The testing fonts are fully functional and include the whole character set and OpenType features.

About Us

TypeTogether is an indie type foundry committed to excellence in type design with a focus on editorial use. Additionally, TypeTogether creates custom type design for corporate use. We invite you to browse our library of retail fonts or contact us to discuss custom type design projects.