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Soleil updated

A few years ago Wolfgang Homola released his two-sided Soleil family. One side is a text-and-headline-worthy sans serif. The other side is a mind-bending, two-part display weight named Soleil Magic Caps, which really impresses when it’s set in two colours. Well, that wasn’t good enough for the designer, so we are happy to announce the update you’ve been begging for! A Black and Black Italic weight have been added for even punchier headlines, the character set has been expanded, and OpenType features have been fine-tuned. See it in action on our website’s type tester.

Custom Bree for Siemens Healthineers

Bree family for Siemens Healthineers

The German-based industrial manufacturing company, Siemens, created a new healthcare business with an approachable branding concept in 2016. For this new venture’s voice, they chose Bree for its confident and welcoming tone in headings and subheads, and used it for their logotype to get the feeling just right. Siemens then commissioned us to design the Vietnamese, Cyrillic, and Greek. Siemens Healthineers now has a new brand, pixel-perfect logotype, and eye-catching and inviting large text to speak directly to their B2C and B2B customers. Mash the link to read the article.

Meet the team, Joshua Farmer

Meet the team: Joshua Farmer

Our team consists of some of the top global talent in their respective fields. You’re reading these words because someone wrote them. That someone is Joshua Farmer, TypeTogether’s copywriter and editor. Josh works hard to strike the right balance between information and emotion, expressing the importance of each type family in everything from full-page descriptions to succinct one-liners. If it has words, it either came from his creative mind or was filtered through his hands before arriving to you. Read about him in our ongoing team interview series.

Bree Serif in use in REWE Bio

Bree Serif for REWE Bio

Most grocery stores carry their own line of products at a cheaper price than name brands. And organic products aren’t just a trend nowadays, they’re tangibly better for our environment and our bodies. German company REWE uses Bree Serif for the branding of their own organic products, lending a cohesive and tactile tenor to the entire packaging line. More in-use samples available on our blog.

Upcoming lectures and workshops 2019

Roxane workshop & Veronika’s talks

Veronika will be speaking at Valencia’s informal Cañas & Tipos event in April. A few drinks and a short presentation will be involved, so join her if you’re in the area. She will also hold her annual week-long workshop at University of Gjøvik, Norway from 4–9 March. Roxane will lead a March workshop at EESI school in Angoulême, France. Students will sensitise themselves to typeface design by digitising their own handwriting.

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