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That's right, we have a treat for our customers. We are giving away full commercial licences of Adelle Bold absolutely free. All you need to do is sending us samples of your work where our typefaces are used. In addition to getting Adelle Bold in return, we will handpick and publish some of the projects in our Type In Use section, crediting the designer and linking to his or her website.

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Edita: a legibility workhorse

This gorgeous font family, designed by Pilar Cano, is a gentle typeface, humanistic in concept yet with a contemporary feel, where softness and fluidity play a very important role. Originally intended for art, design and architecture books, Edita can graciously work alongside photographs and images alike, producing an amazing synergy. Furthermore, Edita is a legibility workhorse, whether it is used in a few paragraphs or in a 600-page novel.


Skolar has two new weights

Two new fonts were added to David Brezina's best selling typeface, SemiBold Italic and Bold Italic, making up for a bundle of six weights. People who already bought Skolar can purchase an upgrade for only €30. This offer is available only by direct contact via email and for a very limited time.

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Islamica Magazine

The award-winning Islamica Magazine is widely regarded as the most respected and authoritative glossy English-language Muslim periodical in the world. As a part of the magazine redesign it was decided to use Karmina as text typeface and to redesign their bodoni-style logotype. TypeToegether was asked to develop a more humanistic masterhead and logotype that would reflect the magazine's reputation.

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Type in use
Bree at Deco Magazine

Bree was chosen as main typeface for body and titles in Deco, an ethical and ecologically aware French interior magazine. In most cases, the body text actually uses Bree's alternate characters to ensure best legibility. It was designed by Ljubomir Djordjevic from the French design studio Commeunarbre.

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ATypI Mexico 2009

The programme for this year's ATypI conference, Typ09, was published. Andreu Balius and José Scaglione will present a talk about the history and contemporary use of the "eñe" caracter in spanish-speaking countries. The lecture will be part of the main conference programme, happening at MIDE, in the historical center of Mexico City.

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The new TypeTogether website was launched in April and it offers some ecxiting new additions. The new membership feature allows users to modify their profile, download fonts, receive special offers and modify their newsletter subscription preferences. Just login using your email address and password.

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