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The new TypeTogether website was launched in April and it offers some exiting new additions. The new membership feature allows users to modify their profile, download fonts, receive special offers and modify their newsletter subscription preferences. Just login using your email address and password.

IMPORTANT. If you signed up for our newsletter before March 20, you need to retrieve your password. You can do so following THIS LINK and clicking on the forgot password option.

Discounts and upgrades

A big advantage of being a specialized microfoundry is that this allows for closer and more direct collaboration with customers; this is often necessary to accomplish their goals, and respond quickly to their needs. This has been our philosophy from day one.

Therefore we offer several options:
  1. Buy a single weight now and get reimbursed if you buy the whole bundle later. This is a great way to explore a new typeface without full commitment.
  2. Buy just the Basic Set for a cheaper price than the Pro version. If you upgrade later, we will reimburse you.
  3. For major projects, such as a newspaper design, we grant non-commercial licenses for testing purposes only.
  4. We provide pdf samples of your text or word in the font you would like to see it.
  5. We offer a 35% educational discount for students, teachers, faculty and school.
To take advantage of any of these, please contact us.
Type in use
Karmina in Acción

Karmina was selected as text font for Acción, next to Fontana as display by renowned designer Ruben Fontana.

Acción is a magazine about general issues in politics, economics and society with national distribution in Argentina, redesigned by Cosgaya Design in 2008. It is released twice a month. The rather classic design is beautifully set and the carefully printed pages of Acción allow Karmina to deliver a very sharp texture and optimal legibility.

Click here to see the images.

Workshops in Mexico

Veronika and José lead two workshops in Mexico City in March 2009. They were organized by the renowned publishing house Libraria and they were very welcomed by the community. Most participants were already professionals working mostly in editorial design. The workshops covered many areas of the typeface design process and aimed to jumpstart both beginners and amateurs into alphabet-drawing. The first day, students did some drawing exercises and created their own design which then was further developed in groups. On the second day, followed by a basic introduction to Fontlab, the groups started to digitise their design and expand the character set.

Click here to see the images.