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new Bree, Bree Cyrillic and Bree Greek

What’s the difference between an update and a new release? And what happens when they’re closer than expected? You get this: an updated Bree Latin, and an all-new Bree Cyrillic, Bree Greek, and Bree variable font. Bree has been in the spotlight since her debut a decade ago, and rightly so. She's a charming, confident font family that fits in so many environments, and now even more so. Read about all the new advancements to the Bree family and grab your FREE update!


Gerard Unger Scholarschip

Gerard Unger Scholarship announcement

Honour is when we are able to raise the thoughts of others to match our own. Friendship is to have deep personal regard through experience with someone else. Reflection is to look fondly upon one’s history. And progress is to push forward through change or loss with celebration. There are many ways to honour the life of our friend and colleague, Dr Gerard Unger. One thing we decided was to change the name of our annual Typeface Publishing Incentive Programme to Gerard Unger Scholarship. In this way, we are inviting the past and future recipients of the scholarship to continually look to one of the masters, to pursue progress in their skills and in the type design community, and to engender the values of camaraderie personally and professionally as Dr Unger did.


Ronnia 60% off

Flash sale: Ronnia 60% discount!

Ronnia is one of our most successful and recognisable editorial families. Perfect for screens or on any paper, this humanist sans serif’s goal is to serve the reader with distinct letterforms, open internal space, and 28 weights to suit any need. Ronnia has enough internal space to make recognition easy and enough personality to make reading enjoyable — exactly what the reader and the designer both need. For the next ten days only, grab the whole Ronnia family at 60% off the regular price! Use this code 512ab230 from January 23–Feb 3, 2019.


Alverata in use

Sandoll custom font project

Sandoll is the oldest and most renowned Korean type foundry. They recently asked TypeTogether to help them with a two-part custom font project for themselves: creating a three-weight corporate typeface and then using that family to create their distinct logotype to function perfectly on the web and at small sizes. The expectations were high and the process was very detailed. Read all about it in the Custom Fonts section of our website and on our blog.


ypeTogether’s 2018 resum

TypeTogether’s 2018 in review

We were so excited about what’s on our list for 2019 that we published that article first. So what happened in TypeTogether’s 2018? To be blunt, tons. We released seven huge and distinct type families, a complex minisite for our Protipo infographic font family, teaching on type anatomy, printed specimens, our video on fonts for corporate branding, our continuing award streak, and our team’s involvement in talks, presentations, and workshops around the world. And this is just a taste. Read the full article here.




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