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New release: Literata 3

Our custom design for all Google Play Books has now matured into a full-fledged digital publishing toolbox — headline, paragraph, and caption text. The best thing? We redesigned Literata from the ground up as a variable font. Its tiny file size and infinite adjustability make it perfect for developers, mobile apps, and every screen imaginable. Literata is the “every-device font”. Another best thing? (We can have two bests, right?) It’s free.

The making of Literata 3

The making of Literata 3

In this extensive blog post, get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Literata 3. Learn how we took advantage of the new variable font technology to expand this typeface into one of the most complete families for digital publishing. Literata 3 wrangles your on-screen text, setting it like a pro.

Finding & understanding variable fonts

Since we’ve already made eight variable fonts (with more on the way), our thoughts have turned to updating our website. Variable fonts need to be discoverable, understandable, and affordable. So now on our font catalogue page, the families can be filtered by Variable Font under the Category filter. José wrote a quick entry about the reasoning behind the changes, the discounted purchase options, and the benefits. Check out the article and the variable font filter now.

Get responsiveness with variable fonts

Variable fonts have built-in responsiveness

This newsletter should have gotten you up to speed on what variable fonts are, their impressive benefits, and how to buy them. But what can variable fonts do for responsive design? Jason Pamental prepared two demos using Literata and Portada to show how small weight and optical size variations can deliver outstanding responsive typesetting on the web. Check them out!

type in use

Type in use collection

Websites with top-notch typographic treatments are always fun to find, so here’s a few. Baremetrics uses Adelle Sans in their goal of helping startups grow their business with engagement tools and analytics. Monthly Mix is a curated playlist using Adelle Sans as their go-to font. A true headliner, Bely anchors the Haus creative agency website in a big way. Wordpress developer Ruben Meines set his portfolio site in Alverata and a coding font for a crisp look. And Catalpa takes the weight of branding, headings, and stats for Natusan cat litter.

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