A sign to convey a sound

The yearly reunion of the Association Typographique Internationale is upon us again. Andreu Balius and José Scaglione will be presenting their amusing lecture about the history and use of the spanish "eñe", a letter that became a symbol of culture and literature in spanish-speaking countries.

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Etica, Helvetica’s softer sister

This multifaceted typeface, designed by Leftloft, was already born at the end of 2000, and over the years developed and matured to a wide range of styles, with even more to come.
Originated as response to Helvetica’s ubiquitousness, Etica emphasises the softer, warm side, while maintaining a strong and decisive appearance. As a result, with its soft strokes and, open counters and terminals, Etica rests aesthetically somewhere between a grotesque and a humanist sans serif.

Preliminary release date is December 2009.

Type in use
Bree and Karmina family in DN divadelní noviny

Three of our typefaces were masterly used in the new design of the Czech theater newspaper, DN divadelní noviny. This fresh and thoughtful concept was developed and realised by Filip Blažek from Prague’s studio Designiq. They choose Bree for headlines and titles, which gives the newspaper the necessary playfulness, Karmina as main text face for excellent legibility and economy, and it's partner Karmina Sans in captions, subtitles and tables.
Overall it is an inspiring and very pleasant design in a handy format printed on good-quality paper.

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Advanced type design workshop in Poland

The renowned cultural center, Zamek Cieszyn, in Poland invited Veronika and José to lead a week-long type workshop, "Tailored typeface design", at the beginning of February. It is a natural continuation of previous workshops held at the center. Students will be given a hypothetical project, that will be used to introduce them to the complexities and limitations inherent to designing custom typefaces. The students will learn to draw conclusions from the brief that influence the design of customized lettershapes for a logotype and ultimately a whole typeface family.

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Quick guide to using our fonts on the web

We have received many queries about using our typefaces on websites. We are in the process of updating our End User Licence Agreement in order to clarify our position in view of the latest developments in this area. But while the lawyers do their work we want to make sure you can do yours. So here are some helpful notes about our stand regarding font usage for web publishing:

  • Font embedding in PDF or Flash documents is allowed.
  • We consider Cufon and sFIR to be other embedding formats and they are also allowed in our EULA.
  • Using our fonts for a software application such as a game or an installable application usually requires a special licence that has to be tailored for each project.
  • Posting the font files on a server is not allowed. Hence the use of @font-face is also prohibited.
  • It will be possible to use some of our fonts via @font-face by subscribing to the services of our partner Typekit. Note that no licence from TypeTogether will be necessary for this.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to discuss a specific kind of use of our fonts and are uncertain, if our EULA allows it, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Did you use any of our fonts lately?
Then get Adelle Bold absolutely free!!

That's right, we have a treat for our customers. We are giving away full commercial licences of Adelle Bold absolutely free. All you need to do is sending us samples of your work where our typefaces are used. In addition to getting Adelle Bold in return, we will handpick and publish some of the projects in our Type In Use section, crediting the designer and linking to his or her website.

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