Granshan Awards 2019

December 2019

Arlette Thai & Latin; Adelle Sans Arabic, Devanagari & Thai; and Bree Cyrillic & Greek received awards and special mentions in the 11th edition of the Granshan Awards.


Most competitions for type design are centered around the Latin script, such as English, Spanish, French, German, and other languages based in Latin. But the Granshan competition, now in its 11th edition, de-emphasises Latin and is one of the few awards recognising type designers and foundries for their work across several scripts.

Granshan is highly respected and valued worldwide as a platform to support type design beyond the Latin and Western world. The competition has not only the category of Latin-plus-another-script companion (for instance, Thai plus Latin), but it also has a category for font families not accompanied by a Latin counterpart. In other words, Arabic, Thai, or Devanagari type families compete on their own merits.

We are extrememly proud to have three of our type families awarded: Adelle Sans Arabic, Devanagari, and Thai received third place in the Multiscript category; Bree Cyrillic and Greek received special mention in the Multiscript category; and Arlette Latin and Thai received special mention in the Thai+Latin category.

Congratulations to all the type designers awarded: Anuthin Wongsunkakon, Azza Alameddine, Erin McLaughlin, Ferran Milan, Irene VlachouJosé ScaglionePilar Cano, Pooja Saxena, Smich Smanloh, Vaibhav Singh, and Veronika Burian.

adelle sans arabic, devanagari & thai: multiscript 3rd pLAce

Adelle Sans is a truly global font covering six scripts and hundreds of languages: Latin, Latin Extended, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, and the more recent Arabic, Devanagari, and Thai. Together they expand the original family’s forms into a versatile tool for countless situations — branding, screens, signage, paragraphs, and advertising. We are very proud to see our latest scripts receiving third place in the multiscript category of the Granshan competition.  

Arlette: Thai & latin special mention

We are delighted to announce that Arlette has received Granshan’s Special Mention in the Thai+Latin category. Arlette, designed by Pilar Cano and Ferran Milan, is a category-expanding sans serif font that’s part experiment and part modern update. Its curvy nature creates forms with gestural vigour, perfect for branding, editorial, young adult works, and packaging in both Thai and Latin scripts.


Bree Cyrillic & Greek: Multiscript Special mention

We are thankful to the Granshan competition judges for awarding Bree Greek and Bree Cyrillic the Special Mention in the Multiscript category. These new scripts were published in 2019 alongside a larger update of the well-known Bree family. The Bree font family is a spry sans serif that delivers a spirited look and feel for branding and headline usage. As an upright italic, Bree shows a pleasant mix of rather unobtrusive capitals with more vivid lowercase letters, giving text a lively appearance. Even better, the complete bundle includes variable fonts.


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