4x better: Postea Multiscript

February 2024

A total of five scripts are now available in our generously styled and impactful geometric font family, Postea Multiscript.


Midcentury values have been oversimplified to hold that “less is more”, when what might be more accurate is something like, “Meaningfulness is more, so each element should have multiple levels of meaning and usefulness.

Enter: Postea Multiscript, born of the classic values of simplicity and impact.

We have always been committed to creating typefaces that are useful globally, and we always intended Postea Multiscript to be a large family. After the success of Postea Latin, we decided to expand it with Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, and Hebrew since the initial design translated well into those scripts. Azza Alameddine designed the Arabic, Vera Evstafieva did the Cyrillic (art direction by Tom Grace), Greek by Veronika Burian, and Tom Grace designed the Hebrew (consultancy by Meir Sadan). As is normal for us, each script also includes the Latin counterpart for mixed environment capability — our perpetual two-for-one deal.

A geometric structure is the core of this family and makes it perfect for branding, signage, corporate typefaces, and magazines. We’ve also given great consideration to its readability, loosening the overall spacing in the regular styles versus tighter “headline spacing” for the lightest styles.

TypeTogether specialises in multiscript typefaces. The way to do this well is to partner with script experts to ensure wide character inclusion. So besides including the Latin within all other scripts, they all come with alternate characters, contextual alternates, and region-specific shapes. And we are already planning to add more scripts as Postea continues its expansion.


Postea is iconic. It begins with the declarative presence and smooth appearance expected in a geometric font family. This same theme is carried throughout its slew of icons, shapes, and patterns, just begging to be used indiscriminately. Each shape can be staggered, layered, and repeated for unique contextual touches or as a central piece of the design.

The entire five-script Postea family holds to meaningful minimalism in which each element is purposefully placed, carries depth, and is able to fulfil more than one purpose. From branding and posters to headlines and text, Postea Multiscript can be as bright as a neon colour palette or as subdued as a whisper. In text it is the partner to more audacious typefaces, and in larger sizes it sets the tonal expectation for the rest of the design.

If you thought midcentury design would fade as a trend, think again. It lives on in the virtues it extolled and the things it produced. A century later, it still creates lasting impressions with lasting effects. Postea Multiscript joins this line of design pedigree in both spirit and function, offering more of the world access to refined and impactful text.


Postea Arabic geometric alternates (SS02).


Postea Greek geometric alternates (SS02).



Postea Cyrillic geometric alternates (SS02).



Postea Hebrew geometric alternates (SS02).


Shapes, patterns, and ornaments are included in all scripts. They can be found in the Glyphs panel or by applying Stylistic Set 09.


Lead design and concept
Veronika Burian & José Scaglione

Type design
Azza Alameddine (Arabic)
Veronika Burian (Greek)
Yorlmar Campos (Greek)
Vera Evstafieva (Cyrillic)
Tom Grace (Hebrew, Greek)

Meir Sadan (Hebrew)
Irene Vlachou (Greek)

Icon design
Lucia Sottini

Joancarles Casasín

Radek Sidun (Latin)

Quality assurance
Azza Alameddine

Graphic design
Elena Veguillas
Rabab Charafeddine
Felicia Priscillya

Motion design
Cecilia Brarda

Joshua Farmer

Social media manager
Douglas Arellanes

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