Joshua Farmer

Joshua Farmer works as a freelance graphic designer, writer, and editor. He champions simplicity, clarity, and excellence in all things; shoddy is not his cup of tea.

Josh’s wide-ranging background and interests help him approach text from the perspective of a designer and design from the mindset of an editor. He has worked on branding, researched and chosen typefaces to set a tone, taught about writing and editing and using type, and even played drums on an album. With seven books to his ghostwriting and editing credit, an Advertising Artist’s Guild Award, and a nursing degree, this perpetual learner likes to stay productive.

Josh stumbled onto a love for type when he noticed his writing could undergo a significant change in voice with a simple change of typeface. Joshua and his family currently make their home amidst an arts resurgence in America’s silicon prairie, Kansas City, where he teaches typography at the renowned Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI). Josh has been TypeTogether’s copywriter and editor since 2015.

Contact him at [email protected].

Joshua Farmer

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