Designed by José Scaglione Veronika Burian . Released 2021.

Beginning with midcentury virtues, Postea is the rational response for pixel or paper text — a lyrical take on geometric sans serifs. Classic curves and purposeful details make it ideal for branding, signage, corporate typefaces, and magazines.

Take a look at our article on the making of Postea with images, videos, quick directions for how to use the icons, and watch the short Postea video.
  • Clap awards special mention: best headline font
  • Clap awards: special mention , motion graphics

What kind of stamps do you want to collect?

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A stamp which can be called “superb” is one of the finest quality. That means it has perfect centering, brilliant color and perfect gum.

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“Es gibt Jäger und es gibt Sammler”, sagt Dirk Schulz. Er und seine Kameraden sind Sammler. “Sammler sind Idealisten.” Die Männer mit den runden Bäuchen und den gebügelten Hemden sammeln Briefmarken — “Postwertzeichen”, sagen sie, vielleicht weil es offizieller klingt, auf eine muckelige Art bürokratisch, die man jungen Leuten heute offenbar nur noch schwer vermitteln kann. “Social Philately” nennt sich ein Trend, der dem Briefmarkensammeln ein neues Image geben soll — und von dem bei einer Börse viel die Rede ist. Das Hobby habe sich in den vergangenen Jahren stark gewandelt.

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After two days, on May 8, 1840, the Two Penny Blue was released. These two stamps show an engraved visage of Queen Victoria. Both stamps do not have perforations because the stamps at that time were separated from their sheets by cutting devices (probably scissors). Ever since the first issues of postage stamps were released, there was no need to include the name of the country on the postage stamps. The United Kingdom is the only country that does not have its name printed on its postage stamps, and use the currently reigning royalty's head as the stamp’s straightforward means of identification.

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The Backstory


Combining the constructed and human feel while brushing away the dust from a century of geometric derivatives.

The Postea font family is Veronika Burian and José Scaglione’s take on German geometric typefaces, reshaped with the right attributes for setting paragraphs and headings, and perfect for branding and text use. Some typefaces are a rough tool, like a pumice rock: abrasive to the senses, unforgiving, and unhelpful for most reading situations. Postea is an obsidian: smooth and classy, with attractive nuances in any light. The classic curves and purposeful details keep its individuality intact while allowing it to fit an incredible range of geometric font needs. Because of these qualities, Postea makes normal reading in paragraphs a cinch and your branding memorable.

Compared to midcentury attributes of restraint and a sparse appearance, Postea’s deliberate play between character widths injects life and distinctiveness into its personality. The default ‘t, f’ have lyrical doses akin to a robust evening drink and are rounded out with a serpentine ‘s’ and rotund ‘o, g, b’. Another nice surprise awaits: spacing for the Hairline weight is tighter for optimal use in large headings and titles, while the regular weights have the expected, slightly looser spacing for text. Setting the test word ‘bogarts’ brings all this together nicely, invoking a balance between a constructed and human feel while brushing away the dust from a century of derivatives.

Postea is opinionated and its modern stylistic sets allow it to be accommodating with softer, specially-designed alternative characters. SS01 replaces ‘b, f, M, m, t’, while SS02 changes only the lowercase ‘a’ to the round style, and SS03 swaps out the angled ‘y’ for a straight version. The fourth and sixth stylistic sets are packed with wallpaper-worthy geometric patterns, ornaments, arrows, and symbols aplenty.

Postea’s 14 styles (seven upright and italic) and two variable fonts are accompanied by an all-new family of icons in three weights, which we developed a new, easy way to activate. Simply bookend the desired icon name with colons (:arrowUp: :chargingStation: :aid: :firstAid:), making sure to capitalise each word after the first word, then highlight and activate SS05. Icons include wayfinding, social interface, sanitary precautions like face masks, thermometers, and hand washing, and much more.

Postea is resilient in the number of ways the family can be used, and its recognisable characters make it a prime selection for branding, signage, corporate typefaces, and magazines. Beginning with midcentury virtues, Postea is the rational response for text — a lyrical take on geometric sans serifs.


Lead design and concept
Veronika Burian, José Scaglione

Assistant Design
Azza Alameddine 
Roxane Gataud

Icon Design
Luciana Sottini

Quality Assurance
Azza Alameddine

Joancarles Casasín

Radek Sidun

Graphic Design
Rabab Charafeddine
Elena Veguillas

Motion Design
Cecilia Brarda

Joshua Farmer