Iskra Cyrillic

Designed by Tom Grace. Released 2012.

Sporting a low-contrast profile, Iskra Cyrillic is a study of bridled energy with eye-catching forms that contain daring and elegant curves and the slightly top-heavy asymmetry seen in brush lettering. Its warmth comes from the subtle emphasis on the details of individual letterforms, while its predictability is seen in a balanced rhythm over long spans of text. It is a memorable choice for presentations, articles, branding, and advertising. Latin only version here.

  • 2013 Type Directors Club Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design for Latin and Cyrillic typeface
  • 2014 TDC Annual, Typography 34
  • Rutenia 2014

Литьё металлов. Методы и способы литья металлов.

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Застывая, металл сохраняет форму того сосуда, в который был залит в жидком виде.

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Metallurgy, art and science of extracting metals from their ores and modifying the metals for use. Metallurgy customarily refers to commercial as opposed to laboratory methods. It also concerns the chemical, physical, and atomic properties and structures of metals and the principles whereby metals are combined to form alloys. Наша страна издавна славилась искусными литейщиками. В Московском Кремле стоят «Царь-пушка» массой 40 т, отлитая Андреем Чоховым в конце XVI в., и «Царь-колокол» массой 200 т, изготовленный знаменитыми литейщиками Иваном и Михаилом Моториными в первой половине XVIII в.

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Во многих странах мира известны художественные изделия Каслинского чугунолитейного завода на Урале. Одно из главных качеств литейного материала — способность растекаться, или жидкотекучесть. Металл или сплав в жидком состоянии должен быть подвижным и невязким, легко заполнять любую сложную форму, быстро проникать в её тончайшие извилины. Из сплава с хорошей жидкотекучестью можно получить отливку с тонкими стенками. Если металл растекается медленно, то из него тонкостенная отливка не получится: он застынет, прежде чем заполнятся все извилины формы.

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The Backstory

Iskra Cyrillic

A sans serif challenging the limits between utilitarian and decorative.

A practical sans serif need not appear dry, constructed, or derivative. It can excel in its sensible role and yet possess a distinct flair. Iskra (meaning spark or flash) is an unique sans serif designed by Tom Grace to challenge the limits between utilitarian and decorative type.

Sporting a low-contrast profile, it is a study of bridled energy in the Cyrillic and Latin scripts. Iskra’s eye-catching forms contain daring and elegant curves, economical proportions, a slightly top-heavy asymmetry, and are an oblique tribute to the less predictable style of brush lettering. Its warmth comes from the subtle emphasis on the structures and details of individual letterforms, whereas its predictability is demonstrated through its balanced rhythm over long spans of text.

Iskra is available as Latin-only version and a version that includes both Latin and Cyrillic. Both the Cyrillic and Latin series conform to most standard codepages used by typical software covering their respective scripts. All three series have similar OpenType functionality.

Available in 14 styles, Iskra is a stimulating, forward-looking perspective on how we see both the vitality of the particular letter and the overall harmony of text. Iskra’s support for more than 75 languages makes it an excellent and memorable choice for presentations, articles, branding, and advertising.

The complete Iskra family, along with our entire catalogue, has been optimised for today’s varied screen uses.

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