MCBW magazine

March 2018

Munich celebrates design each year during the DESIGN SCHAU, organised by Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW). This year the programme consisted of 155 events, exhibitions, activities, and conferences across the whole city for the week of 3–11 March 2018.

design week munich

TypeTogether is a proud sponsor of MCBW this year, and in particular of Design Schau magazine and the Editorial Design Conference (EDCH).

The magazine designers at Kochan & Partners chose Portada Text for all body copy and Soleil as the main titling font and for captions. Portada that runs more narrow than the Text version is additionally used for subheadings.

A welcome part of the editorial concept are the testimonies of various creatives from Munich who describe their favourite places in the city, such as the Augustiner Biergarten, Emilo coffee, Pappen Römer, Lenbachhaus, and much more. The designers selected several other typefaces from the TypeTogether catalogue to present all the individual voices: Trevor, Fino, Bely, and Iskra.

Design Schau is an informative lifestyle magazine displaying the many interesting places in Munich and serving as a guide through Design Week.

title set in trevor

title set in iskra

Soleil in text, Fino subhead
Trevor, Bely, Soleil & Portada

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