November 2017

Tuco, an Argentinian design studio, focused on branding and brand strategy, has redesigned the entire branding system of Poliversal, an Argentinian packaging company.



The new brand of Poliversal evokes in its isotype the idea of ​​the sun, as a creator of life and energy. It also becomes a central part of the corporate illustrations that empathically connote respect and care for the environment and reflects the compromise of this family-run company with the environment.

Wolfgang Homola’s Soleil has been chosen for the entire branding system. We asked Hernán Rosas, founder member of Tuco, about using Soleil in Poliversal: “Soleil offers a fresh and contemporary approach. It stands out for its complex balance between geometric appearance and great flexibility thanks to its wide range of variables and symbols. It is ideal for our new corporate image. All its architecture is based on modernist ideas of simplicity and reduction to essential forms.”

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