The Informe Cotec

January 2018

R2 Media Factory put Tablet Gothic and Portada to work in a striking design for the annual report of the non-profit organisation Informe Cotec.



The Fundación Cotec is a Spanish non-profit organisation that promotes innovation as a fundamental engine for social and economic development. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the existence of Cotec Italia and Cotec Portugal contributed to spread their message internationally. Since 1996 the Fundación analyses the situation of innovation in Spain and its commercial and social impact, publishing an annual report with their findings: the Informe Cotec.

Tablet Gothic and Portada

The 2017 report (also online) was designed by the design studio R2 Media Factory who created a book that goes beyond ‘the book’. It has a strong educational focus becoming more approachable for the general audience. R2 have e.g. included augmented reality areas within some of the book pages; the generally rather passive act of reading becomes an active task and the amount of information that can be provided grows exponentially.

The striking design, far away from the generally dull annual reports, helps considerably to make the report more accessible and readable. For this task, R2 Media Factory has selected two typefaces from our catalogue, Tablet Gothic and the newest Portada family. Tablet Gothic’s seven levels of condensation and eight weights offer a perfect level of flexibility. While it is possible to save space with the condensed families, the heavier weights present a strong display appearance. They are here used to visual delight. For longer texts, Portada guarantees excellent legibility and tranquility whilst offering enough flexibility by putting its display and texts versions to work.

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