Bree Multiscript Sweet Release Video, by Danielle Duncan (Evans)

December 2021

To mark the expansion of our multiscript Bree family, our friend Danielle Duncan (Evans) has created the sweetest video you’ll see this year — customary confections all painstakingly made by hand in the script of selected regions.

Sweet Release

Bree has expanded again — we’ve added Arabic, Thai, advanced Pinyin support, and refined our Vietnamese diacritics.

To celebrate all this, we asked the incredibly talented Danielle Duncan (Evans) (Marmalade Bleue) to create a video showing off the opulence that is Bree in the sweetest way. Imbibe in the two brand new scripts, refined Vietnamese and Pinyin support, and all the deliciousness your eyes can handle!

Our thanks also goes to Studio Z for sound design and Cecilia Brarda for finishing touches.

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