Bree Perú

March 2011

Design studio FutureBrand commissioned this customized version of our successful type family Bree. The objective was to introduce a series of changes that would help connect the typeface to the new logotype of the country brand for Perú, which is based on drawings from the Nazca lines.

the magic of opentype

The approved design reinforces the characteristic feature of the logo: the spiral. However, the resulting shapes could not appear too frequently as they have very strong impact on the resulting text. The capabilities embodied in the font format OpenType allowed for a simple solution. The six resulting fonts use different OpenType features to allow users to activate and deactivate the new ornamental shapes by just one click of the mouse. As a consequence, graphic designers have a quick and versatile shortcut to the iterative process of testing these shapes on current DTP applications.
The changes made include:
1) Characters that were simply redesigned to match the client’s brief.
2) Initial and final shapes that match the branding and can be accessed through stylistic alternates.
3) Alternate letterforms that are engineered for better performance in text sizes or continuous reading.
4) Optional ligature for letter pair ‘Qu’, which is highly common in Spanish language.
5) Series of initial and final ornaments that can be typed through math characters and then accessed by means of the
contextual alternates OpenType feature.

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