2019: We’re comin’ at ya!

December 2018

The end of 2018 is a perfect time to look back on everything accomplished and plan for the year ahead.

high standards

We at TypeTogether always set lofty goals that align with our DNA: the purposeful and careful curation of a quality font library; consistently educating and encouraging all those with whom we come in contact; prompt and attentive communication with our customers; solving the toughest modern problems with custom type and insightful solutions; creating multiscript type families that serve the global market by being accessible, culturally harmonious, and that advance that script’s capabilities.

We promote our designers and our library as both an art and a science on equal footing with years-long architectural builds, creating a coding language, or undertaking the most stringent and wide-ranging projects with the most at stake — communication and emotion themselves. So how are we doing? What successes have we achieved and how are we gonna rock this next year?


2018 was a busy and exhilarating year for TypeTogether. Sometimes companies focus on their external interactions and other times on their internal structures. To you it probably didn’t seem like we took our foot off the gas since we released seven major families, and we’re glad to have continued our pace.

You may be surprised to discover this was a year to focus on our workflow, best practices, quality assurance, marketing and publishing strategies, and many other aspects on the business side. We are preparing a full account of the year’s highlights for our readers. In the meantime, here are some projects we are excited for in 2019.


Our workflow meeting in Antwerp, 2018. We had to pixelate the workflow details, obviously.


new typefaces!

We have some great font surprises in the pipeline that are almost ready for publishing. In the first weeks of 2019 we will celebrate Bree’s tenth anniversary with a massive upgrade that includes updating some shapes and the Latin character set, a brand new weight, Cyrillic and Greek support, and the variable font format. This is one for the books! And for branding! And for multilingual support!

Bree: Improved design and character set, new scripts, and variable format!


In early 2019 Wolfgang Homola will also add a new Black and Black Italic weight to his successful Soleil, and Alisa Nowak will add ten more weights to her multi-award wining Eskapade. We are almost ready for the release of Lanka — Bogidar Mascareñas’s graduation project during his studies at Type and Media and winner of our fourth Typeface Publishing Incentive Programme. The next edition of the Incentive will be from January–March 31, 2019, so submit your post-grad type family to us for a chance at this incredible mentorship.

Further ahead in 2019 we will add language capabilities to several of our type families, including the release of two typefaces with support for Pan-African Latin and Vietnamese, and the addition of Greek and Cyrillic to the Portada font family.

And of course, stay tuned for fresh, new fonts to be released in the second half of 2019. It’s going to be an incredible year!

Lanka, designed by Bogidar Mascareñas.

New style proofs for Alisa Nowak’s Eskapade.


2019 will surely see more and more support for variable fonts in desktop publishing applications and web browsers. TypeTogether will continue to publish fonts in variable font format for those type families in which it makes sense. We will start in January with Bree Latin, Bree Cyrillic, and Bree Greek and will continue in early 2019 with Portada. But that’s only the beginning!

more content, more education

In 2018 we started featuring our “Meet the team” interviews in our blog to share information about the people behind the fonts — those who make TypeTogether what it is (see Roxane’s, Pooja’s, Joancarles’s, and Zhao’s). We also started with a series of articles about global scripts called “Anatomy of Type” (Arabic and Devanagari so far). 2019 will bring more interviews, educational content, and tips from the pros.

Finally, the TypeTogether team will continue to travel for lectures and workshops around the globe, sharing our knowledge and passion for high calibre fonts and design. All of these events will be advertised on our website and email newsletter, so make sure to sign up if you haven’t yet.

Veronika Burian
and José Scaglione are already scheduled to deliver a keynote lecture at ISType 2019 in Istanbul, and the TypeTogether team will lead a five-day workshop for Bulgaria’s www.typofest.bg during the summer. Veronika is scheduled to lead her yearly Gjøvik course (Norway) and a talk at Cañas & Tipos (Valencia, Spain). Roxane Gataud will lead a workshop in Angouleme in March and Pooja Saxena will again present her lettering walks in New Delhi. Joanca will lead “Beyond tools”, an introduction to programming for graphic designers in the Elisava Master in Graphic Design programme, Barcelona. He will also co-lead another workshop in Elisava in July with Bas Jacobs (Underware).

And we’re planning much more. Would you like one of our team to lead a workshop or deliver a presentation? We can easily cover a wide range of topics, so send us an email and let’s make it happen!

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