Meet Roxane

April 2018

We first talked with Pooja Saxena and then Joancarles Casasín. We now continue our introductions to the TypeTogether team with Roxane Gataud — graphic and type designer with a thing for dinosaurs.


Roxane, our youngest team member, has been with us since December 2016. Originally from the French countryside, she is a multiply-skilled designer. Her versatility is much appreciated in both our graphics department and in designing type. Roxane received the 2016 SOTA Catalyst Award and her Bely typeface has won awards from the TDC, Typographica, and more. Roxane has two very well-known aficiones: her fruit stickers collection, and her love for dinosaurs — all kind of dinosaurs? we think so — and one less well-known: as a kid born in the 90s she is a real Harry Potter nerd, reading the first one when she was eight. Based in Paris, she might be only one of the team working from an office, and definitely she has the best views.

Roxane Gataud


1 · Where is your office located?
I live in the 19th arrondissement of Paris and my office space is near my home, inside a park named Parc de la Villette. My office is part of a co-working space and a fabrication lab (fab lab for short) named “Villette Makers”. I share the space with designers, coders, and young craftsmen. Having my office in a park, right across from a canal, is definitely a luxury. I can enjoy a very quiet work environment and hang out at the park when I need a break.

2 ·  In what countries or cities have you lived?
I never left France but I’ve lived in a few cities. I grew up in Limousin and I went to Paris, Nevers, and then Amiens for my studies. I moved back to Paris three years ago.

3 ·  What kind of music do you listen to, if you do, when working?
Depending on the task I am working on, I will vary between electronic music, audiobooks, and podcasts. I listen to music when I need to think or to be really focused. For repetitive tasks that don’t really need brainpower, I like to improve my English by listening to various audiobooks. Among my favourites would be the Harry Potter series read by Jim Dale. I also listen to at least two French podcasts a day; recently I have been in the mood for crime stories and investigations. I like to listen to “France Inter” French radio, too.

· What are your love/hate glyphs when designing fonts?
The set of figures! Especially the 2.

5 · Who is your everyday hero?
My friends and family are my everyday heroes.

6 · What is your hobby when not designing fonts?
I have a few hobbies! During my free time I like to read books, mostly non-design books as a well deserved mental break. I keep track of my reading with Goodreads. My favourite of 2018 so far has been “Indian Creek” by Pete Fromm, recommended by the kindest bookseller of all time. As a French person, I of course worship food and meals as one of the best moments of the day. I love to cook and experiment with new meals. Exploring Paris by bike is also something I really enjoy during my free time. I hate public transportation here, so biking is a must.

7 · You have one opportunity to do something different in your life. What do you choose?
There are so many fun things I would love to do! I sincerely think that food critic is the perfect job one can have. Or being a professional backpack traveller. But one of my dreams would be to open my own bookshop and coffee shop with my sister. She’s a good pastry maker and cook, so she would hold down the kitchen and I would take care of the books. This might happen one day.

8 · What is your favourite word?
The French word taciturne, because I really like how it sounds. It means the same in French as in English: inclined to silence, reserved in speech, and reluctant to join conversation. And this could also be a good description of my Twitter account.


Lettering detail of Roxane’s bike. The bike is called Régis, obviously.


The views from the office.


Details of Roxane’s house, condensing a lot of her passions: books, dinosaurs, plants and pins.

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