Meet Liu Zhao

November 2018

Our core team is comprised of some of the top individuals in their respective fields from around the world. We hope you’re enjoying this peek into the personalities behind the everyday activities in which TypeTogether is involved. Since we all live in different countries, it’s almost guaranteed at least one of us is working at any hour around the clock. It is time now for our team member who starts her day first: Liu Zhao.


Liu Zhao is our liaison in China. She has been handling our communications in the Asian country since September 2016. When she is not busy teaching at work, organising events at The Way of Type, judging competitions, translating software and books, or travelling, she likes to put time on hold by having a cup of her hometown’s Qingdao tea.



1 · Where is your office located? 
Chaoyang District, Beijing China.

2 · In what countries or cities have you lived?
I've always lived in Beijing, China.

3 · Can you name three fonts you love (designed by others)?
Juzhen Fangsong designed by Fuzhi Ding and Sanzai Ding, ST Hei by Sinotype, and Bangshuxingkai by Wen Wang.

4 · Who is your everyday hero?

5 · What is your hobby when not designing fonts?
Going to the theatre, for example to see NT Live, or going to exhibitions in design and fine art. I also enjoy watching movies and visiting museums.

6 · If you had one opportunity to do something different in your life, what would you choose?
I live in amazing China which is getting much richer, so I have more opportunities than before. If I had one opportunity to do something different in my life, I would choose to slow down and enjoy time a bit more. Beijing is too fast!

7 · What is your favourite word?
Open-minded, independent thought.

Liu Zhao’s favorite tea, Qingdao tea, comes from her hometown
Bao her clever and fierce dog

Liu Zhao’s desk
 and her study

FIRST TEAM GET-TOGETHER IN BEIJING, 2017. (From Left) josé scaglione, gerry leonidas, liu zhao, veronika burian & BINGQUAN GUO.
zhao’s type design students

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