Fourth Gerard Unger Scholarship (previously, Typeface Publishing Incentive Programme) result

May 2017

We are delighted to announce the recipient of the fourth Gerard Unger Scholarship (previously, Typeface Publishing Incentive Programme) result, Lanka, a typeface by Bogidar Mascareñas.


Lanka is Bogidar Mascareñas’s graduation project during his studies at Type and Media 2015-2016. Lanka explores the possibilities of stencil letters and calligraphic forms. It is inspired by the work of the Spanish calligrapher Francisco Palomares in his book Arte Nueva de Escribir (1776). The eye-catching stencil display will include several weights and the corresponding italics. However, the text styles from the original projects are not to be missed. We are looking forward to start working with Bogidar and take Lanka to the next level.


We want to thank every student who submitted their typefaces to the Gerard Unger Scholarship (previously named Typeface Publishing Incentive Programme), but also the teachers and tutors who have helped throughout the process. In this fourth edition, two more typefaces stood out, Pedro Arilla’s project Ojalá and Joana Ranito’s untitled typeface, both students at the University of Reading.

We received a total of 23 projects from 11 international schools. The typefaces, balanced between serif and sans, all included the Latin script and in seven occasions were accompanied by another script [Greek (6), Kannada (1) , Cyrillic (3), Japanese (1), Arabic (2), and Bengali (1)].


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