New release: Protipo

January 2018

Information can still have a little style, right? Style your info with the Protipo family. Make smarter, impactful designs with Protipo’s low contrast, four widths, impressive two-weight icon set, and the advanced variable font format.

Protipo variable font new release


A few years ago Veronika and José began work on a type family that could fill a need within the information design category. We gave the family to some early testers who each are award-winning designers (wayfinding, infographics, and data pros), and they came back with some thrilling results. Now it’s your turn to try the Protipo font — the wide-ranging and impactful sans that’s ideal in all informative situations: apps, infographics, UI, wayfinding, transport, posters, display, and even internet memes. Add to all this the icon sets by Luciana Sottini and upcoming variable font capability, and you’re assured a level of creativity, productivity, and impact on scale with the greatest demands.

We have also created a whole special minisite where you can experiment with the variable font format and a real data environment.

Protipo compact variable font

Protipo icons web font

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