Adelle Mono release and 60% introductory offer

June 2020

Developers and graphic designers, rejoice! We are very pleased to introduce another level to the Adelle family — a two-width system with a monospaced DNA. Comes in the usual static font styles (20 all together) and as variable font with two axes (one for weight and one for Mono-to-Flex width). Don’t miss the one-time 60% introductory discount!

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The developer and the aesthete can celebrate together with the release of Veronika Burian and José Scaglione’s two-sided Adelle Mono family. Adelle Mono is the true monospaced version for developers to use during their time of unseen creativity. Adelle Mono Flex is the proportional version that’s suited for text, branding, UI, captions, and screens — it feels monospaced but reads like a nice slab. Read all about it, give it a thorough test run on our website type tester, and grab it while the 60% introductory discount lasts!

adelle mono

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monospace font adelle mono

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