Karmina Sans in book use, Unsichtbar: Frauen gestalten Schrift

October 2023

Author and designer Barbara Lüth has chosen Karmina Sans to typeset the book Unsichtbar: Frauen gestalten Schrift that asks, “Where are the women in type design?”


“Where are the women in type design?” This is a question we often hear, and one we ask ourselves just as much. In this book of insight into the lives and work of 20 female type designers, Barbara Lüth covers these questions and many other subjects.

Unsichtbar is divided in two sections. In the first part, the author clearly explains how these women and their significant contributions have influenced the field of type design since the beginning of the 20th century — but without receiving the attention they deserve, as the category was mostly dominated by men at that time.

In the second part, some type designers have their say and answer five questions from the author about their work, including the creation process, aesthetic and business values, and anecdotes about their favorite letter. The book aims to do one thing above all else: to visibly champion the lives and work of these outstanding women.

Karmina Sans has been extensively used throughout the publication: from the cover design to the titles, text, and captions. The versatile and vivid text face comes in 12 humanistic styles that work well on screens and in print. The medium weights are meant for easy reading and the extreme weights at both ends of the spectrum are intended for headlines and corporate identity programs.


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